Boomerang Transport

Shari Black Haris Zafar March 6, 2023

Steve Trigg

I really love driving for Boomerang! I get that awesome feeling whenever I am helping my riders, but I get an even COOLER feeling when my conversation with my rider helps me. It brightens MY day! And the Boomerang staff are so nice and helpful whenever needed. I am glad to be a part of the Boomerang team!

Nancy Vanhall

I love driving for Boomerang. I get to meet new people, and drive in different areas. It’s been a fun way to make extra money. It’s been the best job I’ve had since I retired.

Barry Lee

I was the very first driver for Boomerang when the company first started in Charlotte, NC and was the only driver for about 6 months. Then Boomerang began to expand to what it is today. It has been so enjoyable for me to see Boomerang expand into the company that it is today. Over the years I have met hundreds of wonderful clients and traveled thousands of miles. I have also had the privilege of meeting some of our outstanding drivers.

Kevin Gibbs

I enjoy driving for Boomerang as it gives me a chance to meet new people and in many cases develop a rapport with them.

Arlene Peters

Boomerang is a great part-time job for people that like to drive and meet people. I always have an ice box with water and after physical therapy it is usually a welcomed drink. I feel safer doing this than working for Uber. Everyone in the office is helpful and friendly when you have to call in. I highly recommend Boomerang Transport.

Shari Black

Boomerang is the best company to work for. If you like flexible work hours, meeting new people, going to new places, love to help others, and like to drive then this is the place for you! Plus you’ll have an amazing support system who goes above and beyond for you, treats you like family and pays you handsomely. The staff is AMAZING! The money is RIGHT! Look no further, these are your people! I’ve never loved a job like I do this one! They’ve given me a purpose once again and have always done me right. I couldn’t be happier about the decision I made to come drive for them.