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*Please take note of the bullet points that are not covered by the videos!  These are shown by having a * beside them.  Thanks!

Video 1- General Housekeeping

  • Congratulations a job well done
  • Explain the size of the company, corporate structure (outdated)
  • Our company goals.  To be the easiest to work with, provide a competitive rate and have the largest network of drivers available.
  • Explain the pay being $2.50/ leg first two (training weeks) then going up to $3.50/ leg (This has been deprecated, pay is now hourly) 
  • Overview on how Gmail works, moving labels, refresh button, keeping inbox clean, clicking on personal inbox to see emails over 10, searching functions & Contacts
  • *Never hit the delete button in Gmail.  You should only be removing a label or archiving.  We never delete any emails.
  • Term ‘open loop’, description of making sure ALL loops are closed
  • The “Off the Grid” or OTG report (Update: Now a Google Doc)
Video 2- The Google suite

  • Opening multiple browsers to access the manifest and calendar.
  • Review how Google Voice works (how to navigate to it, what it is)
  • *Google Voice shows all correspondence with our main phone number.  It is mainly used to keep track of the text messages that drivers send in to show their progress, but also records phone calls and voicemails to our main phone number of 704-266-6061.  We have other Voice accounts for other phone numbers.
  • Review how Google Maps work- Driver Locations Map (outdated)
  • Review the manifest spreadsheet and how it works (how to navigate to it, what it is)
  • Never mentioning client names
Video 3- Scheduling a ride

  • Scheduling
  • Ride requests should come in via email, phone calls, or on an online system that we log in to.
  • It is Boomerang policy that we can never accept a ride or give a quote via a first call phone request.  We can give them an idea of whether we can cover it or not, or let them know if we have people in that area, but we need to see the ride specifics first, confirm driver availability, and accurately work up a quote before making a commitment.
  • Process for scheduling a ride:
  • Ride comes in
  • Check Gmail or the calendar to see if we have already done this ride before, and if so determine what driver have done it in the past and if there is a special rate on it
  • Enter it into the manifest spreadsheet
  • *The manifest spreadsheet will default the appointment to 1 hour.  If you know or feel that it will be longer, you will need to mentally calculate the expected drop off time in cell B24 and also write a note at the top so the driver is aware
  • *If mileages are provided by the client, please make sure they match the manifest spreadsheet (cells D32, D35, etc…).  What you will do is type in over these automatically calculated cells.  Be sure to do this at the very end so it doesn’t auto calculate a mileage and replace what you have written.
  • *If you make a change of driver or address to the manifest, and you have previously adjusted the mileage to match what the client provided, you may need to adjust again after the change (as the system might try to automatically calculate mileage).  In other words just keep an eye on the mileage to always make sure it agrees with what the client provides.
  • *When you see a red message pop up in cell C16 that says ‘Negotiated Rate Needed’ you will need to send a request to the client stating, ‘We can cover this trip at a flat rate of X with a no show fee of X and wait time approved (first hour free)’ (if those all apply, and if you have already verified driver availability, usually by calling the driver).  Do not submit this ride to the calendar until they respond with express approval on all parts of the requested rate.
  • Use the Google maps function to locate the closest driver(s)
  • Make sure the driver(s) is (are) available
  • If necessary, call to get verbal confirmation that the driver can cover (if they are new, if the ride is less than 18 hours away, or you feel another reason why you need to.  Until you feel comfortable with this, all rides need to be verbally confirmed by the driver)
  • Determine if this ride needs a flat rate, a no show flat rate, or wait time approved, and if so respond to the client with this request, stated very simply.
  • Once a final negotiated rate has been arrived at, put that rate on the manifest spreadsheet and do a new submission
  • Go to the calendar to send the email to the driver.  Click on the event to get into the manifest.  Type the driver’s name in, and pick the driver listing that has the three letter designation.  Then click on save in the top left hand corner, and when it asks you if you want to send the email to invited guests, click yes.  It should take you back to the calendar, and wait until you see it say ‘Your event has been updated’ before moving on.
  • Respond to the client via email to state that the ride is confirmed and state the rate (or contract rates) and mention wait time approved (if appropriate).  We talk to client in short complete sentences.  No abbreviations or straying from the main company goal of being easiest to work with.  We always take the high road in conflict situations. Ex: This ride is confirmed at contract rates.  Ex 2:This ride is confirmed at a flat rate of $300.00 with a no show rate of $50.00 plus wait time (first hour free)
  • If you get tolls approved for a ride, please write the words ‘Tolls Added’ next to the reference number in the same cell B25 and resubmit.  If it tells you that the reference number doesn’t match the format, choose the option to submit anyways (as long as you are confident that the base reference number is correct)
Video 4- Advanced Manifest Spreadsheet Functions

  • Go over retrieval function, and why this is to be done for any changes to a ride
  • How to enter a no show, and explain that the final negotiated rate is what our system will bill the client
  • How to put multiple drivers on the same trip
  • Why we cannot have hyphenated names in the Passenger Name B19 cell
  • Why Ctrl + Z is your best friend, the ‘undo function’
  • No copy and pasting, temptations to take shortcuts
  • Entering wait time
  • Reason for internal notes at the bottom
  • What to do in the case of a MISS
  • Sync Calendars & Drivers button
  • If something doesn’t appear to be working, take the following steps:
  • Check the manifest to make sure it all looks correct
  • Sync calendars & drivers and try again
  • If this doesn’t work, clear the manifest, then refresh the screen or close it out and re-open
  • Call another coordinator, or Wes or JP as a final resort
Video 5- Coordinating Rides

  • During live hours it is your responsibility to keep an eye on the drivers activity to make sure that everything happens according to plan.  The Claimant-1 text message must come in at least 30 minutes prior to the pickup time or when the driver is expected to leave the house.  If it is not received you need to call or text that driver immediately and be ready to reassign the ride to a new driver or make the client aware (if appropriate).
  • If a driver does not check in and you are unable to reassign the ride we need to inform the client of the miss at least 5 minutes before the pick up time.
  • You will keep an eye on the 2-6 text messages to make sure they go to plan.  Be sure that there are no abbreviations and that the drivers are adhering to the texting policy exactly.
  • A driver is not to deviate from the manifest in any way, shape or form.  Should a question arise it is your responsibility to handle it.  Questions that might arise: Additional passenger wants to ride in the vehicle, Claimant appears to be a ‘no show’, Claimant requests a different pickup time or destination, Anything else that doesn’t follow the manifest exactly
  • Should any of these issues arise, the answer is always the same- call the client, inform them of the situation, and ask them how we should proceed.  The driver should stay put until you relay the client’s final decision.
  • All of the clients should have contacts build out in the Gmail contacts.  If you come across a new contact please add it to the Gmail contacts and be sure it is very clean, and accurate.
  • Record and submit wait time
  • Confirm completed rides with clients (Zonecare, verbal confirmation calls)
  • Manage client contact and updating each on our ever expanding coverage area.
  • What to do in the case of a miss.  How to record the notes in the accident report and to let us know about it.  What changes do you make on the calendar if it is a MISS.

Video 6 – Trillionaire Triple Check